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Invest into your church worship and production skills!

We help you grow your worship and production teams with courses and resources tailored to all experience levels.

Improve team confidence

Learn new skills

Introduce helpful tools

Don't let the challenges of training team hold you back

Don't allow the hurdles of training your ministry team weigh you down. We understand that coordinating large teams and integrating new skill sets can be overwhelming.

  • Training new team members
  • Advancing experienced team members
  • Inspiring interest in development

We Provide

Cohesive training

Our courses and resources are designed to provide a comprehensive and cohesive learning experience for your worship and production teams. We aim to equip your team with the knowledge and skills they need to deliver exceptional worship experiences.

Skill level tailored

Our training is tailored to the skill level of each team member, whether they are beginners or experienced professionals. We ensure that everyone gets the support and guidance they need to develop their skills and confidence.

Breadth of teaching

Our courses cover a wide range of topics, including music theory, vocal training, sound engineering, lighting, and video production. We provide a breadth of teaching to ensure that your team has a well-rounded understanding of all aspects of worship and production.

Our Pathways


Our Musicianship Pathway seeks to delve into the rich role of music in worship. By navigating the art of playing, understanding, and improvising music, team members will gain a diversified understanding of musicianship. Join us on this journey as we use music as a powerful tool of worship.


The Production Pathway is all about harnessing technology to enhance your worship experience. It explores areas such as sound and video, and live streaming to ensure smooth worship sessions. With this pathway, your team will gain a comprehensive understanding of managing technical elements, resulting in higher quality church productions.

Theology of Worship

The Theology of Worship Pathway delves into the spiritual depth and understanding of worship. This program explores the biblical and theological foundations of worship. We'll discuss everything from the importance of worship in the Christian faith, the role it plays in the life of a believer, to the different forms of expression within worship.


The Creative Pathway focuses on enhancing expression and innovation in worship environments. It leans into areas such as songwriting, visual arts, dance, and drama as mediums of worship. The aim of the pathway is to enable your team to tailor unique, impactful worship experiences that resonate with all members of the congregation.

Leading Worship

Our Leading Worship Pathway is designed to explore the heart and skill needed to guide a congregation in worship. Participants will learn how to effectively plan and lead worship services, engage with the community, and foster a worshipful atmosphere. Embark on this pathway with us to inspire and direct heartfelt worship.